Not in the Triodion: the last Sunday before the Triodion begins is the Sunday of Zacchaeus.

Sunday of the Tax-Collector and the Pharisee
The following week there is no fasting.

Sunday of the Lost Son
The following week we fast as usual on Wednesday and Friday.

Sunday of the Last Judgment
“Meatfare Sunday” — the following week we fast only from meat.

Sunday of Exile from Paradise
“Cheesefare Sunday” or “Forgiveness Sunday” — On Monday morning begins the Great Fast.

First Sunday of Lent: Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy
We commemorate the restoration of the icons to the Church. Second week of Lent follows.

Second Sunday of Lent: Sunday of St Gregory Palamas
The third week of Lent follows.

Third Sunday of Lent: Sunday of the Cross
The Cross is planted in the middle of the Fast. The fourth week of Lent follows; on Wednesday and Friday we will repeat the hymns for the Cross.

Fourth Sunday of Lent: Sunday of St John of the Ladder
In this fifth week of Lent week we will read the life of St Mary of Egypt and sing the Great Canon.

Fifth Sunday of Lent: Sunday of St Mary of Egypt
The sixth and last week of Lent follows.

Sunday before Pascha: The Entry into Jerusalem
Followed by Great and Holy Week.